I Salute You

July 22, 2014

You know it’s tourist season when you call to get your dog groomed and the first appointment available is six weeks away. This gives new meaning to the term “dog days of summer”. I find my patience running out much quicker as I add on the extra time necessary to my commute, food shopping trips, appointments, and errands. I totally get why people are coming to Cape Cod for their precious time off but must you all be on the road at the same time? Deep breaths; take deep breaths. Six weeks left and I’m counting down to Labor Day.
But you know what? I know how fortunate I am. No small children to load, secure and entertain in the car. No sporting equipment taking up (and smelling up) the back. Hockey equipment is, by far, the worst stuff in the world to be carting around. I have no need to find handicapped spaces or have a grand plan around meal time. My complaints are nothing more than minor inconveniences in my life. MINOR!
So to the parents and caregivers out there battling the daily grind, I salute you. I want you to know how truly remarkable I think you are. You are schedule-maker royalty, prepared for every potential curve ball thrown your way. You have back-up plans, know where all the rest rooms are en-route to your destination and carry wet wipes, band-aids and healthy snacks in your bag. You are the masters of distraction—you know your child’s musical likes and play it in your car over and over again. You count trucks, school buses, traffic lights and you do all this while driving your precious cargo to school, activities and medical appointments. It is no wonder that you are exhausted at the end of the day. In between this you have a job, a home and other responsibilities. Corporations, governments and the military would benefit from your efficiency and time management skills.
I plan on remembering that all this is a minor inconvenience the next time I have to sit in traffic, in my car, by myself. And when I get home tonight I recognize my day is done but yours is still going. That’s what parents do. And you are mighty, mighty parents.
Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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