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August 25, 2010

Over the summer,  Latham Science consisted of a series of eight field trips, one each week of Summertide.  Preparation for these trips started in May with our classroom studies of ecosystems, habitats and food chains.  Each of our summer field trips explored a different kind of habitat on Cape Cod.  We are SO lucky to be located in the middle of this beautiful place!

At each location we had a series of experiments and observations to perform and data to record.  We examined soils (structure, porosity, pH, temperature);  waters (pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, etc); plants (What grows here? What’s in bloom?  Who pollinates the blooms? Who eats the fruit?) and;  animals (Who do we see? Hear? See tracks of? Feel biting us?).  We recorded this information in science logs. 

Here is the schedule of trips we went on:

Week 1:  Wellfleet Bay Audubon Sanctuary.  With a guide we explored the differences in salt and fresh water ponds.

Week 2: Upper Mill Pond in the Punkhorn Parklands of Brewster.  We hiked and performed our studies on the beautiful woods and fresh water environment.

Week 3:  Pah Wah Point in Orleans Conservation Land.  A short hike leads to a small beach on Pleasant Bay and a great salt water environment.  Many vacated horseshoe crab shells!

Week 4: White Cedar Swamp, National Seashore in Wellfleet.  A beautiful hike through the woods leads to a boardwalk through the swamp which is truly a unique environment.

Week 5:  Mud Flat Mania at Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster.  With a guide we explored the mud flats at low tide and discovered much life in tidal pools.

Week 6: Art’s Dune Tours, Provincetown.  We rode in Suburbans out to the back beach (on the Atlantic) and then up into the sand dunes.  The sand temperature was 110o F on the surface and 80o F four inches below!

Week 7: Ocean Quest Discovery Cruise, Woods Hole.  We drove to Falmouth, took a trolley to Woods Hole, spent an hour and half on a boat learning about the biological, physical and chemical characteristics of the marine environment.  A big adventure!!

Week 8:  A beautiful private garden in Wellfleet.  We picnic, visit domestic animals (chickens, goats, donkey) and test the soil of a human altered environment . A relaxing end to a busy summer.

WE HAD A GREAT SUMMER LEARNING ABOUT BEAUTIFUL CAPE COD!!!  Please enjoy the pictures which are only a tiny few from the more than 1000 we took!

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.” 
~Vernon Howard

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