Hazelmoor and Upper Deck News

February 7, 2011

In January, Latham opened a new home for students with PWS.  Located 20 minutes from the main campus, Hazelmoor is a 6 bed, co-ed home for students who have demonstrated that they can live closer to the community, supported by a structured, predictable, and food secure environment.  The students are all excited to be living in their new home as are the staff who are with them.

Minutes from the health club they all belong to, within a traditional Cape Cod neighborhood, these students are enjoying living in a larger home that more closely resembles what they might be in when and if they move into adult services.  This experience should help them with that major life transition.  They also continue to participate in the full range of healthful activities that not only help them maintain their increasingly svelt figures but also reduce stress through exercise.

The remaining boys with PWS are preparing to move into their new suite on the second floor of Yawkey.  Recently completed,  this 5 bedroom suite will accommodate 6 boys.  Named as “Upper Deck” by the boys themselves, it will have a sports theme, exercise equipment, and a lot more living space than Simpkins Cottage had.  An adjacent large activity room will serve as a central location for students with PWS to hold joint activities and meetings during the afternoons and evenings.
This was made possible by the support of friends and parents of Latham Centers and financing from the US Department of Agriculuture.

“The light is what guides you home, 
the warmth is what keeps you there.” 
~Ellie Rodriguez

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