Generosity Demonstrated at Latham Centers

May 26, 2015


-3Geanina presents GUAPO’s Tortilla Shack’s owners and staff with a Thank You Poster

-2Ant and Alyssa present Brewster Baptist Church with a Donation from the Students


Over the past couple of weeks the students at Latham Centers have truly shined. Through the GUAPO’s Gives program, the restaurant contributed proceeds from a Siobhan Magnus concert to Latham Centers. After students heard about this amazing benefit, they made a beautiful Thank You poster which is now proudly displayed at GUAPO’s. Moreover, after a successful Brewster in Bloom Kid’s Fest Craft Fair, students decided to donate a percentage of the proceeds to Brewster Baptist Church, one of Latham Centers’ many community partners. Smiles broadened on the faces of everyone in the room when Pastor’s told the students that funds raised will contribute to Brewster Baptist Church’s Food Pantry which feeds hungry families in Brewster.
Congratulations to our students for recognizing the reciprocal need to give to our community.

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