Designing a Sensory Diet

August 28, 2012

Latham is wrapping up a consult with a very experienced OT from Washington State.  Marylee Chamberlain from LaConner, WA has spent the last 2 weeks at Latham with the purpose of helping us design a state of the art Sensory Diet to meet the needs of the PWS students at Latham.  She is in the process of reporting on her findings and recommendations but early indications are that she is on to some very surprising observations and interventions.  
The students have enthusiastically participated in her assessments, some with an eye to becoming astronauts as some of the exercises parallel astronaut preparedness programs.  It is clear that our new playground has elements that will be helpful in implementing her recommendations, that are designed to help their brains integrate more of their sensory experiences and improve their overall functioning.   
We are looking forward to working with Ms. Chamberlain on an ongoing basis  as part of our stable of experts in the many fields that play a role in our understanding of PWS and in our interventions and supports with this complex population.
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Jonathan Smith

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