Creativity Takes Flight at Latham

April 7, 2014

As some may be aware we have started up a creativity group over the past months. We meet once a month with a craft idea for our individuals to make and they enjoy adding their own creative spin on it. In October 2013, we had the theme of a ghost. November was all about the bird of the month. In December 2013 it was snowmen, and in January our individuals created paintings that were exhibited at an art show on the Cape during February to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The project for February was paper lanterns for the Chinese New Year and now it is Spring (finally) so our March theme is Easter bunnies.

This group is all about allowing our individuals a way to express themselves creatively in a positive way. Once the individual has completed their project, it is joyful to see how happy and proud they are of their creation. From a bunch of random items something beautiful is made. This is one of the reasons I personally do what I do. It builds confidence, social skills, and independence. I could probably go on and on about how it is such a positive thing for our individuals but will end with it is my pleasure to be involved with such a creative bunch of individuals.

Submitted by:
Erik Tibbetts
Residential Manager, Adult Services Latham Centers

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