Crazy Hat Day A Big Hit!

January 28, 2010

Crazy Hat Day was held at Latham School on Tuesday January 26th and Wednesday January 27th. Sponsored by the Student Council to foster school spirit, students and staff wore “crazy hats”, many of their own making. Gift certificates were awarded to one winner with the “craziest hat” and two runner-ups. The winner was Kevin M, and the two runners up were Leona R and Jessica L.B. Staff also participated enthusiastically in the event.

The Student Council at Latham continues to develop skills in organizing meetings and following up on student concerns. The Student Council has sponsored dances and rallies to support our Special Olympics athletes. The Student Council also focuses on “giving back”. At Latham, learning to provide a needed service and volunteering are an important part of the program. Recently, the Student Council and the Race Point class sponsored a canned food drive to donate food to local food pantries. One group of students is working with a local baby center. These student knit baby items and make fleece blankets to donate.

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