Companion Animal Program

December 17, 2012

Latham staff Frannie Quirk is proud to announce that Cleo has passed her AKC therapy test and is now a member of CAP (Companion Animal Program)! Frannie, Cleo, and trainer extraordinaire VLG were welcomed with open arms at the CAP Christmas Party this weekend. They had the pleasure of spending time with the great people and pets of the CAP program which includes former Latham board member Debbie Cobb.

CAP visits the Latham campus every month and the students are delighted to spend time getting to know and interact with them. It is a great program, and Frannie and Cleo are proud to now be a part of it.  VLG did an amazing job helping Cleo and Frannie train. Her dedication, patience and love for the dogs is evident when you see her on campus working her magic.

Holiday Holidays to all our CAP friends!

Contributed by:
Frannie Quirk


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