Community Success Story

August 28, 2013

Stephen M. is not a new-comer to the work force. Stephen has had a few jobs since he has been with Latham, unfortunately all ending unsuccessfully. Just about a year ago Stephen applied and was hired at Kmart in Hyannis. Knowing his past track record with other jobs it was decided to support him 100% of the time at work with a job coach. In no time at all Stephen was being recognized as a great addition to the Kmart cashier team. Stephen has won multiple awards since he has been there including: Employee of the Month for his store and Employee of the Month in his district. 
He wears a special lanyard given to those to be considered “game changers”. On top of the awards he has received from work, he has also completed a huge personal accomplishment. It has been a goal of his for years to “obtain part time employment and hold this job for six months or longer.” This goal was met and surpassed with a new goal of maintaining part time employment for two years or longer.  This is a success story for all people with disabilities that, with the right level of support and understanding, anything is possible.  We look forward to many more accomplishments at work from Stephen.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to New Jersey to participate in the Northeast Regional Kmart ultimate cashier competition. I was chosen based on the achievements I have made at my job. The day of the competition I discovered that out of 11,000 associates, I was one of the 1% present. During the day I went through the course of two interviews that tested my knowledge and job skills associated with being a cashier. Regardless of the outcome, I was already a winner in my own eyes.
To all my friends: You can achieve whatever you set your mind too when it comes to maintaining a job. I have been with the company for less than a year and I have come this far. With the right assistance and support you can do this too!

By: Stephen M.

Submitted by:
Erik Tibbetts,
Residential Manager

“What you get by achieving your goals in not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
~Henry David Thoreau

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