Community Members Attend Latham Centers’ 11th Annual Holiday Craft Fair; Proceeds Benefit MSPCA Cape Cod and Latham Centers’ Fire Museum Renovations

December 15, 2014

This year’s craft fair was a true dream come true. We were open to the publicand the public response was outstanding.  One shopper showed up before our sale even began. At 3:01p (sale began at 3p) I lifted my head and saw the room was full of customers. At times the parking lot was full and folks needed to wait for a spot. One woman let me know she was at our Brewster in Bloom event. Seeing the crafts there made her know she had to come back for more. A former Latham cook came to make her purchases. She was thrilled to purchase Alumni cards. Not only was she thrilled to remember that Alumni fondly, she was thrilled because her art work is amazing. One couple had armfuls of goodies. They stated they were going to use them as gift toppers. “How can you resist this stuff?” they exclaimed waving a google-eyed reindeer made out of puzzle pieces.  

Our students have been making crafts for the last few months in anticipation of the sale. Students look forward to this event as not only, an opportunity to showcase their artistic talent but as an opportunity to give back to the community. Student council coordinates student voting for the charity of their choice. This year our students have decided that the proceeds will be a 50-50 split; to both the local MSPCA and our fund raising campaign for the renovation of our fire museum property. Shoppers got a sneak peek at our fire museum property, since this is where the sale was held. Students manned the table at the sale. They delighted in describing the items for sale and that all proceeds will be donated.
We have been conducting this sale for 11 years on campus. We were thrilled to let the community in on it. During the sale a student caught me tearing up. She exclaimed that I was “crying because I was so proud of everybody.” That is absolutely correct. We are very proud of our students and their craft fair. Should I confess that I may also have had a tear in my eye because I could not greedily purchase everything for myself. Luckily there was no time for that—we had customers to serve. Can’t wait to see you at the Craft Fair next year!
Shauna Kelly
Transitional Supervisor

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