Clear the Clutter

January 28, 2013

We have begun the New Year with a plan of “clearing the clutter.”  Students have been working in their suites and rooms to look at what they need and do not need. This might sound like house cleaning to some, yet we could also use the opportunity to make it an exciting process as well. Our entire community has been working together.
The process of “clearing the clutter” can be a powerful tool to help anyone heal and transform their life. Clearing clutter gets rid of the old stuff in your life, and in the process creates new space. The reason most people avoid “clearing the clutter” is not because it takes effort and is time consuming. It’s because clutter clearing is a very emotional process that feels like therapy and it takes emotional stamina to go through it. The good news is that once you clear most of your clutter and have a system to avoid its accumulation in the future, you will start experiencing more clarity and energy. Wouldn’t you agree that this is definitely worth all of the hard work and extra effort?
Some say there are 3 types of clutter:
  • 1  Dirty clutter – clutter that needs to be tidied or cleaned 
  • 2    Big piles of clutter – the stuff that accumulates and piles up
  • 3  Broken or old clutter – “stuff” that you have outgrown
If you are ready for a breakthrough in your life, take some time to “clear the clutter”.  The physical clearing of clutter can help you heal from the inside. Use this weekend to clear away your clutter.  It could help you with new opportunities and ideas.
Nancy Crimmins Warner, LICSW
Clinical Director
“Out of clutter find simplicity”
~Albert Einstein

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