Circle of Courage: Generosity in Action

December 1, 2014

At Latham Centers, we employ an overarching philosophy that helps to guide us in many of our interactions and communication among staff, residents, and family. This philosophy is called the Circle of Courage™.  The Circle is based on the concept that all people share four universal needs to be happy, successful, and fulfilled. They are:

BELONGING – recognizing that every person needs to feel part of a group or community

MASTERY – recognizing that everyone should feel that they are capable and skilled in at least one area

INDEPENDENCE – recognizing that every person needs to have a voice and a sense of control over themselves

GENEROSITY – recognizing that the most powerful thing a person can do is to provide service to
someone else

The Circle of Courage involves the entire Latham community and extends from our program sites to our Board of Directors, volunteers, parents, and community supporters. It is a perspective that can help us to help each other to live happier, more satisfying lives.

As friends and supporters of Latham, we invite you to join our circle as we work to expand it from our community to yours.

Our December value of the month is Generosity, during what is typically a month of giving. This is how you can participate and bring this to life in your own interactions with others within and beyond “the Latham family”:

Practice a random act of kindness. Go out of your way for someone, just to help and be nice.

Find a way to compliment someone for something specific. When you provide the compliment, stop, get their attention, and speak it clearly so you know they hear what it means to you.

Write a thank you note to someone for helping you or making your world easier. Think of a person who you do not typically get along with and think of five positive attributes they have. To really stretch and bring this to life, find a way to compliment that person for one of those things even if it is really hard.

Think of a person that could use a pick me up. Remind them of how important they are to you, the world, and to others in their life.

If each of us does just one or more of the above five acts, imagine how much better our Latham community and your own community will feel—be it a Social Media one or in-person community you experience on a daily basis.  If we have a large number of individuals commit to doing one of these “generous” acts a day, imagine how Latham, and the world, for that matter, could be transformed this month and into the future.

Please find a way to be involved. Even though you will never be thanked enough, remember your work is incredibly important to the individuals around you.

Tim Vaughan
Director of Leadership and Growth

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