Children’s Program announces Staff of the Month

March 14, 2019

Congratulations to Kyle Nicholas and Chris Howard for earning the Staff of the Month Award! The awards were presented to Kyle and Chris at the monthly Children’s Program Community Meeting.

Kyle Nicholas, Residential Counselor, and Chris Howard, Child Care Worker, have received accolades from throughout the program, including Residential Supervisor Patti Hynes-Morris. “I nominated Kyle and Chris for Staff of the Month because although they are relatively new to Latham, both have quickly made their mark with both staff and students. They deal with challenging behaviors but maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor throughout. Most importantly, our students trust and respect them. Thank you so much, Kyle and Chris. Your awesome work is noticed and appreciated!”

Here are just a few more peer and supervisor comments about our two Staff of the Month award recipients:

Kyle Nicholas:

  • Kyle brings a sense of calm to the suite, always with a smile.

  • Kyle has been a stable presence for the Cottage boys and deals with any situation that comes his way.

  • I have been very grateful for Kyle’s presence as a new staff in the Cottage, as he handles incidents calmly and is very neutral/calm with the boys, as well as very helpful in their BSP meetings!

  • Supervisors have highlighted Kyle’s ability to maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor as major contributions to the residential shift.

Chris Howard

  • Chris is always happy to help! Also incredibly patient with the Cottage boys and rock-solid support for them.

  • Chris has really taken to the Cottage boys. He’s calm and determined and is a great addition to the team!

  • Supervisors have highlighted Chris’ ability to develop trust with the students he works with directly and his calm presence on the overnight shift as major contributions to the Latham community.

Director of Children’s Services Gerry Pouliot told Kyle and Chris, “We are so thankful to you for your dedication to our Latham community!”


Pictured: Children’s Program staff member Jose Martinez, Education Department Behavior Specialist, enjoys some fun on the campus playground. (Kyle and Chris opted out of a recognition photo, so Jose is representing them – and all of our dedicated, appreciated direct support professionals).