Cape Cod Community Proud to be Part of the Latham Circle

July 8, 2015


-2Caption: Agway posts up Latham Centers Thank You Cards in their local store, Rep. Tim Whelan opens a card presented to him by Latham Students as a Thank You for helping to coordinate cross walks near the school, Rep. Tim Whelan takes a photo with eager students after he opens the card.

Latham Centers’ students have been helped by so many Cape Cod community members over the years. As of late, local businesses like Agway have been instrumental in the success of new summer vocational activities, specifically the practical and soothing Agway Herbal Garden. Representative Tim Whelan, seen above, has come to the campus a few times this Summer, starting with a tour, leading to an invite to the End of the Year Celebration, and most recently to receive a Thank You card for his dedication to Latham Centers.  His latest project with Latham has been helping to coordinate the installment of crosswalks near Campus on 6a to ensure our students’ and staff safety.
The students and staff at Latham can’t thank the community enough for their involvement, and take every opportunity to show their appreciation!

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