Cairre and Me

April 3, 2009

As a member of the Companion Animal Program (CAP), I have had many wonderful and remarkable experiences. CAP is a Pet Therapy Program which visits various sites on Cape Cod throughout the year.

As a result of my CAP years, I became involved with Latham. Latham is a remarkable school and residential community. Currently I am President of the Board of Directors at Latham, but before that I became the “Visiting Friend” for Cairre Bailey, a young woman who has been at Latham for some time.

Cairre Bailey and I are friends. Each month we do something fun. Her choices are going to the mall, going to the movies, or going out to eat. My choices are a walk on the beach, a walk with Holly, or a picnic. So we compromise and try to do something new each time. We have been to the Glass Museum, The Natural History Museum, she has come to our home, and all the things (from her side and mine) mentioned above.

Through Latham and CAP I have known Cairre for years, but as her Visiting Friend we have become closer. She and Holly have become close. When Cairre comes into the room, Holly wiggles all over.

This picture was taken at the CAP Christmas party last December. Cairre loved seeing all the other dogs and watching the Canine Capers dance. Cairre says, “Being with Deb is like having a family again. She’s like my mother to me. She does a lot for me. Holly is amazing. It’s like having my own pet again. I love to walk Holly and see her.”

“Hold a true friend with both of your hands.”
~Nigerian Proverb

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