Bumble Bee’s Birthday Bash. Chapter 1

July 21, 2015


Once a month the girls in North Wing write a story during house meeting.  One student will say a sentence and then it goes to the next student.  Depending on how many students are participating we generally go around twice. This is the North Wing story for July 2015.

It was someone’s birthday named Bumble Bee.  And she asked for something very special.   She asked for wind chimes for her birthday.  Her friends searched high and low for the prettiest sounding wind chimes they could find.  She also asked for a wish.  But her next door neighbor who was a hideous lizard wanted to eat her because he did not like her pollinating flowers in his home.  Well, Bumble Bee knew the lizard did not like this and wanted to eat her so her wish was to change the lizard into a beautiful daisy.  While she was waiting for her wish to come true she called all her friends at Latham to move the party she was going to have away from her mean neighbor.  But then she called her friends back because she wanted to be brave for once in her life and stand up to her neighbor the lizard and tell him “you’re not the boss of me”, showing him who’s boss.  The lizard came alive and turned into a fire breathing dragon lizard; he sprayed his fire out of his mouth directly at the birthday party.  What he didn’t know was that they were playing water games at the birthday party and attacked him with water balloons.  And she got roses as a birthday gift and pollinated it.  Meanwhile, while Bumble Bee wished to get the lizard out of the birthday party, a magical turtle appeared and asked her what was wrong.  She said the lizard was ruining her party and suddenly the turtle snuck up on the lizard and flattened down like a rock.  Bumble Bee told the lizard “look at that rock in the sun” and the lizard went to lie down on the rock.  When the lizard got to the rock, all of a sudden water balloons were being thrown at him, hitting the rock and turning it into a waterslide. The lizard then slid down the waterslide back to his house.

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