Brewster Campus Improvements

March 4, 2011



The Facilities staff at Latham has been very busy this past fall clearing some overgrowth of briars and brush from various parts of the campus. The first picture shows an area on the west side of the schoolhouse where the overgrowth was actually reaching up into the trees. Some of the students worked with the staff, and now this area is completely cleared and ready for planting of new shrubs and flowers this spring.

The second picture shows the front entrance to the campus. The students helped to plant over 600 flower bulbs along both sides of the driveway, and then spread mulch to protect the bulbs through the winter. The students have learned about the different types and varieties of flower bulbs, how to properly plant them, and how to care for them as they begin to grow.

We have plans to plant many new areas of the campus with more flowers, shrubs, and plants. All of the students will be encouraged to participate at whatever level they feel interested and comfortable doing so. Please visit our website later this spring and summer to see how the students have helped to transform the look of their campus.

David King
Director of Facilities

“Cooperation is the thorough conviction 
that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.”  
~Virginia Burden

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