Best Buddies Prom a Success!

June 5, 2014

Prom Day is here! Latham Centers attended the 2014 prom on June 2nd. The prom was hosted at Harwich Community Center by Best Buddies. The students were up early in anticipation for the big day and the morning started with the arrival of Neiman Marcus make-up artists and a group of hair stylists from a number of salons on Cape Cod. The girls were styled, pampered and looking beautiful!

Just after breakfast Puritan of Cape Cod arrived with the tuxes for our handsome gentlemen. Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod was gracious enough to donate the tux rentals to the Latham students for the second year. As soon as everyone was looking divine, each student gathered on the field where they took glamour shots –and boy, were they glamorous! The students then took off to the prom. While there, the students took turns riding in a limousine around beautiful Cape Cod. One student, Matty, stated, “I liked going in the limousines so much! It was my favorite make and model car.”

The students danced, sang, and enjoyed lunch with other schools from across the Cape. Another prom attendee, Diane, stated, “The prom was arranged, the music and dancing was nice, but mostly, everyone was so polite.” When asking some of the students what they enjoyed most, they stated that they could not pick just one thing because it was all so much fun. Frank, an energetic prom-goer, explained with excitement, “I loved the prom! I got so excited when the song ‘Call Me Maybe’ came on. You know what I really liked, all the girls!”

Overall, Prom 2014 was a great success!

Submitted by:
Kristi Dolbec,
Day Supervisor

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