Ben and the Cape Cod Lavender Farm: A Vocational Opportunity

August 19, 2015

latham3(top-left) Ben with Vocational Coach Maura Smith, 2. (top-right) Ben with Farm Co-Owner Matt Sutphin, Bottom Photos: Ben giving a tour of the farm

Over the course of the summer Ben D. has been has been working hard with his Job Coach, Maura Smith, at the Cape Cod Lavender Farm As stated on the website, “The Cape Cod Lavender Farm is located on 12 secluded acres overlooking Island Pond in Harwich on Cape Cod. It is one of the largest lavender farms on the East Coast with more than 14,000 plants. It is surrounded by 60 acres of conservation land with woodland walking trails.”
Weekly Ben jumped to excitement at the thought of this beautiful, therapeutic, paid position. Traditionally, lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties, and Latham Centers recently planted the Agway Herb Garden! At the farm Ben regularly weeds between the lavender paths and greets visitors, while learning about the natural benefits of lavender. Cynthia, Matt’s wife and Farm co-owner has worked closely with Ben and taught him many tricks of the trade. This has been an amazing experience for Ben resulting in vocational skill training ranging from fine-motor skills when filling the Lavender Sachets to improving social skills when talking to Farm customers.
Thank you, Matt and Cynthia!

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