Being Present and Avoiding the Street Lights

August 2, 2012

Those that know me, know that technology is not my strong suit. My 4 year old grandson adds the apps to my iphone. I challenge any one of you to be faster or more efficient at it then he is.  I saw a story on-line today about “walking accidents”; people texting walking into street lights, falling off of curbs, bouncing into inanimate objects and other humans trying to get from one place to another.
For goodness sake… Pay Attention! Be aware of your surroundings. Take in what is happening around you.

One of the truly great skills I look for in new hires coming through our Latham Centers Orientation Program is the ability to BE PRESENT and LISTEN.  Our students and adults deserve no less from their staff. We help them feel part of the community by demonstrating the importance of giving them our total attention; by opening our ears and closing our mouths, by allowing moments of silence to occur and time for them to format their thoughts into words.

I have learned much more about people when I give them time and space to express their thoughts. I sometimes go into a conversation thinking I know what it will be about and am startled to realize my assumption is not their focus or issue. Being present is hard when so much is asked of us and so much is out there to distract us. While the world is not always pretty, be brave and look all around you. You may be surprised at what you see (and hear). We owe it to ourselves and those we support to avoid the street lights in our path whenever possible!

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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