B I N G O !

March 31, 2014

On Thursday the 20th of March, the Peter Cooper residence hosted its monthly Bingo for Prizes event! We started this a few months ago as a house event and interest has grown. We now invite other houses to join us in the fun! 

This month we invited the the individuals from the Hazlemoore residence to join us.  Our bingo caller was Matt O from the Hazlemoore house. Matt came dressed to the nines!! He had on a suit and tie and even brought his bingo whistle to blow when a bingo was called.  The group enjoyed a cookout for dinner and then got right down to the business of playing bingo. They had many prizes to choose from. There was a selection of perfumes to puzzle books and everything in between! Both houses really seemed to enjoy coming together and socializing! We look forward to having other houses over to enjoy the fun.

Submitted by:
Patricia Morgan
House Manager

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