Amazing Day!

May 20, 2013

What a day! I want to thank ALL of you that helped out today. This day was truly amazing. Many community members were able to see our students at their best today. The volunteers also were able to see our amazing staff in action.
Thank You;
Nursing:     For being flexible with our students today.
Brooke:      For your help in supporting Brian.
Trish:         For gathering our Latham dresses that were much needed.
Gina:          For your leadership during the fitting, many behaviors going on.
Anthony:    For transitioning the gentlemen after their fitting.
Jesse:         For all of your hard work with Anthony C.
Chris:         For all of your assistance with both the students and community members
West Wing and The Deck:   For allowing the volunteers to use your space.
Ed. Staff:    For keeping the students engaged with their Generosity project.
I wish everyone could have seen the joy in EACH of our student’s faces. The attached picture tells it all.
Thank you,
Gerry Pouliot

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