A Successful New Year/New Works Art Show

February 12, 2015

Latham Center Art Show Reception from Lower Cape TV.

The students, residents, staff and Board of Directors of Latham Centers would like to thank the Brewster Ladies’ Library for hosting our New Year/New Works Art Show and the Brewster Community for attending the event. Many great moments took place at the Art Opening, which can be seen in the above video highlighting Latham teachers, staff and visitors.
Throughout the month of February, this mixed-media show exhibited work from some forty artists from Latham Centers. Thirty-one of the artists were students ages 11-22 who reside on the Latham School campus, and nine were adults from the residential program. Artists shared which paintings were their favorites, and the messages behind each of their paintings. One student explained, “The heart [in my painting] represents love, the wind means relax, and the water means peace.”
Mediums ranged from acrylic, markers and pencil, to mixed media (including puzzle pieces and Mancala Beads), as well as a display of wood furniture products. Art classes and creativity groups are essential to the success of Latham Centers’ population as they allow for creative expression of emotion, hardships and happiness, while emphasizing independence and growth.
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Katrina Fryklund

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