A Positive Change in Latham Centers’ Dining: Chef Paul Makes a HUGE Impact

October 5, 2015

-2Caption: Chef Paul and a Thursday night meal for the kiddos at Latham School

The sights and smells emanating from our kitchen drew me in. Chef Paul had whipped up a delectable dinner for students and everyone was all smiles; the pork chops were moist and flavorful and topped with a dollop of apple sauce. The green beans looked fresh from the garden and garnished with spices, accompanied by rice pilaf and a fresh side salad. The food is beautiful to look at,  nutritionally spot on, and tasty too. 
Latham has its very own master chef.  After years of working in some of Cape Cods’ best restaurants, Chef  Paul Donahue wanted to put his craft to work where he could really make a positive impact. Chef Paul is now a member of our school treatment team and is working closely with our teachers, clinicians and residential counselors to support the health and well-being of our students. Not only is there attention to detail on the plates but Chef Paul has come up with ways to make even a glass of water more exciting. Pitchers full of  fresh mint and lemon made even a glass of water a treat. We are thrilled to have Chef Paul and his team leading our kitchen!     

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