A Perspective on Educational Options

November 27, 2012

I spent last week in Atlanta at a very interesting conference sponsored by the IECA, the Independent Educational Consultants Association (www.iecaonline.com). Ed consultants are professionals who assist families in finding the right fit for their child’s educational needs. Whether it is a short-term or long-term issue facing the family, these remarkable people scour the country looking for the best programs working with youth today.

Latham School, a member of the ISPA (www.ispaaac.com), the Independent Small Program Alliance, was exhibiting there and I met many other programs who represent the therapeutic, boarding, wilderness and specialized school options around the country. I learned quite a lot about programs I was unfamiliar with. I learned that Utah has more wilderness programs than I believed existed in the entire United States.  I learned that internet addiction/gambling is a serious problem for teens and that there is a program in Seattle designed solely for the treatment of that. I learned that Atlanta has the Ron Clark Academy and that I want the opportunity to go there! I learned so much about the options available to children around the country and the role Latham plays in offering outstanding opportunities to students struggling in traditional settings. I learned that Prader Willi Syndrome is still “unknown” to many and that we need to keep educating the professionals about it.

At the end of the week, I knew something that I brought with me to Atlanta still rang true: Latham School is a program of excellence and I was proud to represent it!

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Chris Gallant

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