A Perfect Prom for a Positive Pupil (with Help from Community Partners)

May 29, 2014

Annually our students highly anticipate the Best Buddies prom. This year is different because for the first time Neiman Marcus Natick has donated a plethora of beautiful dresses to be worn and loved by Latham students. Often times our individuals with PWS battle with fluctuating weight, which makes finding a prom dress a difficult adventure. This year we’d like to share a story of one of our students who has struggled to find a dress in the past, but not in 2014! With healthy weight loss and new dress selections our student has bloomed into a prom queen – ready for the Best Buddies prom feeling confident and excited.
The student walked into our prom fitting area with the same optimistic smile she always has. For the first year, however, she had multiple options – some that were too small, some that were too big, and some that were just right. Here you will see her in her final selection, and she is beaming – even the staff behind her is beaming as staff becomes family here at Latham. She looks great and feels fantastic, and the dress does not need even one alteration. This is one of the many beautiful pieces Neiman Marcus Natick generously donated after an in-store dress donation campaign resulting in a selection of lightly used, and even new dresses off the racks.
Community and corporate donations make attending the Best Buddies prom a stimulating experience, and everyone at Latham Centers thanks the surrounding community ten-fold. Specifically, our thanks goes out to Neiman Marcus Natick for their dress donations, as well as their willingness to send five volunteer Neiman Marcus Make-Up Artists to adorn the girls on Monday, June 2nd. Thanks also go to the many Cape Cod women who saw and shared our post on Facebook and sent in beautiful gowns for our lovely prom attendees. We’d like to thank The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod for sponsoring all tuxes from our community partner, Puritan Clothing, and Puritan clothing for fitting our gentlemen with handsome tuxes. Lastly we’d like to thank a slew of local hair stylists volunteering their time on June 2nd to help prepare our students, and The Candleberry Inn for supporting our cause and opening their doors to our overnight make-up team!
Cheers as we celebrate our students’ excitement to attend the Best Buddies Prom! More details to come soon!

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