A Pathway to Latham School Opens for International Students

July 2, 2013

Usually when you receive an email from the government you aren’t necessarily thrilled to open it…

 “The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) has reviewed and approved your Form I-17 petition for certification and enrollment in SEVIS”

I am so delighted to inform our international families and friends that Latham School now has the capacity to offer non-immigrant students (F1) the opportunity to attend our program here in the United States! Our approval is valid for the following type(s) of program(s), as detailed on our Form I-17 petition:  Academic and Language.

We are entering a new and exciting chapter in the global reach of Latham School programming. As we develop our relationship with educational consultants here and abroad, I believe we are leading the way for new arrivals to our home base on Cape Cod from around the world. And the timing couldn’t be better as our Manager of PWS Services, Patrice Carroll prepares to present at the IPWSO Conference in Cambridge, England later this month.  The process is just that, a process. It will take some time for us to learn the application system and comply with the immigration regulations at 8 CFR 214.3 relating to nonimmigrant F-1 students and school eligibility.

I look forward to growing this new referral base and hope to improve my language skills in the process! And don’t forget about that “translate” button  over to the right to help you understand me!

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant
VP of Marketing, Training & Quality Assurance

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