A New Year Calls for New Beginning

January 21, 2016

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Two-Thousand-Fifteen ended with an extraordinary Latham Holiday Celebration Concert, where each classroom performed a different song in front of their peers, family, and staff. The grand finale of the concert was a singalong with the Latham Chorus; an extraordinary group of students who gave up free time to attend rehearsals and prepare for the concert!
In Performing Arts class, we have opened 2016 with a brand new Composer of the Month project! In each month of the year we will explore a new composer, studying his/her history, music, and drawing connections between music of the past and music of today. This fits perfectly into our standing class structure where we always sing, play instruments, listen and move to music.
January’s Composer of the Month is Ludwig van Beethoven, a celebrity in his day. In addition to listening to his music, class discussions include historical goings-on during his lifetime and scientific exploration of Beethoven’s illnesses and gradual loss of hearing. We draw connections between his life experiences and the music he wrote, and examine how his music still affects us very much today.
We cannot wait to see what else this year has in store for our ears!

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