A Message From Executive Director Anne McManus About Summertide

June 8, 2010

Please help us make this summer extra special for our students. As kids, we all loved SUMMER VACATION! We remember it as a time of infinite possibilities for fun and adventure. The desire to make summer special and meaningful for our students is foremost on our minds.

Since we work with special needs children 365 days a year providing intensive treatment and special education services, our job is especially challenging. So in 2002, we created Summertide, an eight-week summer enrichment program designed to give our students a variety of vibrant and highly stimulating experiences that are both educational and fun.

Summertide’s structure helps us meet our students’ academic requirements at the same time giving them unique and exciting opportunities to interact and enjoy their summer environment. Community outings, for instance, take place on a much more frequent basis than is possible during the regular school year. Offered throughout the summer are:

Clubs: arts and crafts, pottery, drama and dance, computer, reading, video and photography, hiking and sports.

Activities: yoga, swimming, ball games, whale watches, biking and bowling.

Field Trips: Museum of Natural History, National Seashore, Heritage Village, Barnstable County Fair, Cape Cod Museum of Arts, Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra, Boston Museum of Science, New England Aquarium and the Newport Mansions.

Summertide also helps instill in our students:

  • The importance of caring for the environment
  • Understanding the history of the area and its cultural resources
  • The possibilities for part-time employment in the community with area businesses
  • The opportunities for volunteerism

Summertide has provided our students with another lens through which to view and interact with their community, and also for the community to view and interact with our students.

At the end of the summer we celebrate! The students share their experiences with fellow students, teachers and staff. The children love Summertide , as evidenced by the decline in behavioral issues overall throughout the summer.

The additional staffing and activities has helped make Summertide a positive experience for our students and is so important to their growth and development. Our budget this year is $35,000. We ask you to partner with us by making a donation specifically toward Summertide’s enrichment activities and field trips.

We hope you will help us to continue offering this exceptional program to our students; and help them have a summer full of fun and adventure!

To donate, please CLICK HERE.

“Not only must we be good, but we must also be good for something.”
~Henry David Thoreau

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