A Few Tips From the Admissions Coordinator

August 2, 2011

Hi. My name is Susan LaPlant.   I am the Admissions Coordinator for Latham Centers.  I often get phone calls from parents looking for information on how to approach their school about residential treatment placement for their son or daughter.  Here is one little tid-bit that came from another parent.  If you think your son or daughter will need placement in a Prader-Willi Syndrome specific residential program, then on his or her IEP, the parent should include a statement to that fact.  This parent explained that the school would be more likely prepared and agreeable if or when the student did need residential placement. 
Whether or not you have done this first step, if your son or daughter with PWS is in need of residential treatment, there are a number of steps that must be taken.   First,  take the time to speak to your IEP team member and then put into writing that you reject the IEP in regards to placement.  The IEP team will then have to meet to discuss your objections.  Get ahead of time and bring letters from professionals that are in agreement that your son or daughter now needs residential placement (i.e. therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologist, therapist, primary care doctor etc.).  If you feel that the school will reject residential placement, often parents hire a professional, either a PWS specific advocate, or a disabilities lawyer.  Sometimes parents have to take their case through the appeal process to litigation.  If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail or give me a call.

“The first step binds one to the second.” 
~French Proverb

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