‘A Bright Future’ PWS Conference to highlight Financial Planning with Fred Misilo

May 15, 2019

Parents and guardians of individuals with special needs and Prader-Willi syndrome face similar challenges such as what are the levels of guardianship; what to do when you can no longer care for your child or loved one; and how to financially set up your loved one for success. Fred Misilo of Fletcher Tilton, Attorneys at Law, will discuss this topic at our upcoming PWS conference on June 1st in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Sometimes these are the hardest and most important questions to ask and answer. As Fred says, “From special needs trusts to DDS, it is never too early to start planning.” He will also be available after sessions end to discuss individual family situations and appropriate next steps. To sign up for the conference, click here

More about Frederick M. Misilo, Jr.:

Mr. Misilo has been a tireless and lifelong advocate for individuals with disabilities and their families. He began his career working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and worked his way up to serve as the Executive Director of Harbor Area Community Services, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating from law school, Mr. Misilo became a legal advocate for individuals with disabilities and gained a reputation for his strong advocacy as well as his grasp of the complex regulations governing this area of practice. In 1991, he was appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.

Since returning to the practice of law in 1994, Mr. Misilo has become a leading voice and frequent lecturer on estate planning, special needs planning, and elder law. He has also taken on leadership roles in many regional and national advocacy organizations such as The Arc of the United States, serving on the Board of Directors, its Legal Advocacy Committee, and as chair of the Arc’s Public Policy and Positions Committee. In the fall of 2016, Mr. Misilo was elected Vice President of the Arc of the United States, Inc., and in November 2018, he was elected as its President. https://www.fletchertilton.com/

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