6th Annual T-Shirt Contest

June 27, 2012

May marked the start of Latham’s 6th Annual T-shirt Contest! Every year about half Latham’s students voluntarily enter the contest. The theme is, “What Latham means to Me”. Consistently the student’s designs are filled with positive messages. A former student, Niki, wrote, “I like Latham, I like Me.” Last year’s winner, Samantha, wrote, “Latham Makes Us Bloom”.
 Another former winner, Diane, wrote, “Latham is like another Home to Me”.

There is a secret ballot and all students and staff have an opportunity to vote for their favorite designs. The shirts are printed at a local silk screen shop. The day of the Art Festival, T-shirts are distributed to all students. All participating students are acknowledged for entering the contest, runners up get a set of markers and the winner gets a $20 gift certificate for art supplies. This year’s winner, Kristos, is featured above with his design, “Latham Sharing Caring”. The first runner up was Lyra, Alyssa and April tied for 2nd runner up and Jessica and Alexandra tied for 3rd runner up.

“All art requires courage.”
 ~Anne Tucker

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