Latham Centers Testimonials

Help people who need help.
Raise your standards.
Go for higher.
Do what’s right.
Make a fresh start.
Poem by Latham student

“We are so impressed with our daughter’s teacher.  He has given her such a desire to learn…” — Latham Parents

“Watching the staff interact with the students is so inspiring!  Such dignity and respect are shown to every individual.” — Latham Donor

"My child's life, and the lives of all of Latham's students, [are] enriched because of the love, patience, and respect that is bestowed upon them every day." — Latham Parent

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the role each one of you play in our daughter's life each day at Latham Centers. When we count our blessings, you are all right at the top of our list!!" — Latham Parents

"And they said my child would never..."

Latham Annual Report 2014