Latham Centers: Prader-Willi Syndrome Information

PWS is a complex genetic disorder that manifests with severe, idiosyncratic symptoms, including insatiable appetite, the health implications of which can be serious. Inattention to the special treatments required by those with PWS can be life-threatening.

This syndrome involving abnormalities of chromosome 15 occurs once in about every 12,000 - 15,000 births, and is found in all races and ethnic groups. Among the other more serious symptoms are mild to moderate developmental disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems, obsessive compulsive behaviors such as skin picking and slow body metabolism which can lead to obesity and related health problems.

Latham Centers consults with the world renown Pittsburgh Partnership on the most difficult and challenging PWS cases.  The Partnership consultants are Dr. Janice L. Forster, Development Neuropsychiatrist, and Dr. Linda M. Gourash, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician.  As a team, Latham is able to engage these two highly trained and specialized doctors on all aspects of the syndrome—from program initiatives, program review and clinical and medical consultations—for the children and adults we serve.

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